The European Qualifications Transfer System (ECVET) and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) have promoted European vocational education and training in the 21st century. In Finland, for example, the National Qualifications Framework with its eight-level reference framework was integrated into Finnish VET in spring 2017. The aim of the European Union is to improve its own image and that other EU countries recognise the competences acquired in other countries. This PE-LE project supports the further development of professional competences in Europe and strengthens national and European competitiveness.

The project is coordinated in Finland. The project partners come from Germany, Estonia, Sweden and Spain. The main target group of the project are vocational training institutions and students in Europe. The aim of the project is to strengthen competence-oriented vocational training in Europe. The students learn to work in different workplaces by completing different internships. It also improves the quality of competence assessment and evaluation. For the students, workplaces and internships are organised in the companies. The assessment is based on the students’ curriculum and the competences determined by the criteria of the qualification/study module. Finally, the project collects information about companies, their workplaces and learning environments.

The project develops innovative concepts and materials to achieve goal-oriented results:

  • Product / intellectual Output 1; coaching program for students;
  • Product / intellectual Output 2; A digital platform to support expertise and personalisation;
  • Product / intellectual Output 3; Coaching program for teachers and a proven model combined by the services 1, 2 and 3. The products make personalized, competence-based learning paths in Europe possible.

The products enable the vocational training competence and the personalisation objectives of the project. The development responsibility and measures for product design and production are shared with the project partners. The responsibility for producing the results lies with the partners. They support the participants during the project. The more detailed content of the products is agreed in the project meetings. The products will be tested under the guidance of the Swedish partner together with Escola del Treball VET School. The Spanish partner
Xarxa FP, is responsible for dissemination.

The project supports general objectives such as intra-European mobility and the training of labour force expertise. Europe’s regional, national and international competitiveness will improve. Students, teachers and entrepreneurs will develop skills for internationalisation. The impact of European educational institutions in the different regions will be stronger and more systematic in the future.