Project meetings

Preparatory meeting in Rovaniemi

The preparatory meeting is specifically for the technological solutions and possibilities for the platform of PE-LE. The responsible partners of the platform will participate as well as the webmaster student in Rovaniemi. There will be a Skype connection to Tartu and the contract will be prepared.

The dates of the meeting: 27.-28.11.2018

The meeting in Cologne

The first Kick-Of project meeting in Germany will specifically focus on the content of the coaching programme for students. The meeting takes place to see how the product is linked to other products in the project and how it is received by the students. All partner countries are involved in the meeting. It also ensures that the partners have a common understanding of project and meeting management practices in the areas of reporting and financial planning.

Dates of the meeting: 11.-13.12.2018

The meeting in Tartu

The second project meeting in Estonia will decide on technical solutions for the Personal Digital Support platform and the content of the platform. It will also assess what kind of digital solutions will enable mobility agreements between institutions, different learning environments and students through the platform. Digital forms accelerate and streamline contractual agreements between the parties. The meeting will also ensure that reporting on the implementation of the project and other administrative practices is appropriate for operations and in line with the guidelines established by the financier. Where necessary, practices will be changed.

Dates of the meeting: 27.-29.5.2019

The meeting in Rovaniemi

At the third meeting in Rovaniemi a coaching programme for teachers is prepared. Through the coaching program the teachers are familiar with the competence-oriented assessment and supervision of the students. Project management practices are discussed and evaluated. In the session, it is important to discuss project management and how the participants met, among other things, the requirements for interim and final project reporting.

Dates of the meeting: 10.-12.12.2019

The meeting in Skellefteå

At the fourth project meeting in Sweden, the quality of inputs 1, 2 and 3 will be evaluate. The meeting will agree on documentation, reporting and management practices on mobility, as well as specifying the timing of mobility during the piloting. Mobility reporting and document policies must also meet the requirements of the donor. The guiding model produced by the Swedish partner is the fourth output of the project. In the meeting Swedish partner present the model for Personalized Competence Based Learning Paths for VET in Europe.

The dates of the meeting: 26.-28.5.2020

The meeting in Barcelona

The dissemination work for the intellectual outputs of the project will develop in the fifth meeting in Barcelona. There should be a plan to disseminate the results of the plan, especially via XARXA network cities and co-operation institutions. The aim is to involve new players from different European countries. In the meeting there could be possibility find out are there any new partners for test and use the products of the PE-LE project. It could be also possible to find out what the new partnerships require from project management.

The dates of the meeting: 1.-3.3.2021

Because of Covid-19 situation, all kinds of meetings are transferred to online. We mostly use Microsoft Teams but also other applications like Google meet.

The project will end 31.12.2021