Roles of the participants

Germany is responsible for creating a coaching program for students. In the first Kick-Of-Meeting the content of the training program is planned as well as the support which the other partners should offer to the German partner for the good results. At the same time, it will be planned how the contents of the coaching programme will be linked with the other products of the project.

The production of a digital CRM platform is carried out by an Estonian partner. At the second project meeting, decisions will be made on the technical requirements relevant to the platform. Among other things, the type of digital and pedagogical implementation needed for the proper use of the students will be discussed. The meeting will also ensure that the information about companies on the platform complies with data protection legislation in Europe. Under the leadership of the Estonian partner network, you will learn how the coaching programmes produced by the German partner are to be placed on the platform.

The Finnish coordinator is responsible for the coaching programme for teachers. Especially during the third project meeting the coaching programme will be worked on. The programme should provide teachers with methods to identify and recognise the skills they have acquired, e.g. through international placements during their studies. The process should be nationally recognised. Rapid change in working life requires teachers to bring in the professional skills acquired in different learning environments and to be willing to recognise them as part of their studies.

The audit of the results of the projects will be organised by Sweden. The fourth session will discuss the quality of the results from Germany, Estonia and Finland. The meeting provides guidelines for the further development of the products. The aim is to send not only students and experts but also a coaching programme to the partner countries. The students should test the coaching programme and a platform for digital competence-based promotion, including information on cooperation companies and the necessary documentation. The teachers and tutors participating in the coaching programme should recognise the knowledge, skills and competences acquired during the exchange as official qualifications. As far as possible, the acquired expertise shall be considered to be the competence defined in the curriculum or other relevant national document.

The results will be published by Spain. At the fifth project meeting, the information exchange plan is drawn up. The dissemination of information will be organised in through XARXA network cities and cooperation centers. The Spanish vocational training institutions work as tutors for the dissemination of PE-LE. The aim is to anchor the model of personalised competence-based learning paths for vocational education and training in Europe in order to obtain more content on the digital platform. The official mission of XARXA FP is to improve the quality of vocational education and training in Europe by developing common strategies for the mobility of students and experts in all cities and promoting a strategic partnership with international vocational education projects.