This is your opportunity

Great that you are interested in international working life period! We hope that this information will help you to plan your mobility!

Why would I go abroad?

  • You develop your flexibility, independence, problem-solving skills, ability to get along with different people, ability to adapt to new situations.
  • Your language skills will develop.
  • Employers value experience and language skills gained abroad.
  • Competence acquired abroad reflects the applicant’s maturity.
  • Students are cutting molds
    Finnish students Susanna and Elina are practicing in Berlin.
    REDU’s ICT student Eric Telkkälä on internship in Cologne 2019 (Check the video)
    snowy winter tree with a text os competence based learning, personal competence development plan
    International mobility can be part of your studies (Check the video)

    Steps of mobility

    Steps of International mobility are BEFORE, DURING and AFTER. Each steps involves certain tasks and forms, but don’t be afraid, you’ll get help during all the steps. If you are interested, please contact to your own teacher.

    three arrows inc. words before, during and after