Steps for mobility


These pages help you to find information and right option to accomplish your goals abroad.


Well designed is half done!

The better you prepare for the mobility, the better it will be implemented. However, when going abroad, there are many things you should consider, in order to make your mobility succeed. Commitment and motivation to the international mobility, carrying it out and reporting are primary importance. You should think carefully about your interests and goals.

What next? What I need to do?

These are the steps of International mobility. You’ll get institution specific forms and instructions from your teacher.

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Applying / Agreements / Coaching / Preparations

Start planning your mobility with your teacher – Your teacher will help you get going! This stage includes paperwork, preparation, searching the workplace and city and also coaching.

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Guidance / Support

At the workplace, follow the instructions given by employer, do your work responsibly, follow the local work culture and keep a diary or report in accordance with the instructions given by your school. A named job councelor and your own teacher will help you.

Please remember cultural customs and consider others. Abroad you represent your own school, country and profession.

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Report / Feedback / Evaluation

After you have return back home, there is still few things to do. All these steps are obligatory – Check the instructions from your teacher!

Your journey is about to begin!