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Finland – Lapland

Fun facts:

  • 2020 Happiness Index, Finland is the happiest country in the world
  • Finland has one of the best air quality in the world
  • There are 5 520 000 residents in Finland
  • There are around 203 700 reindeers in Lapland compared to 180 000 residents
A man building a snow wall

Here you can find information about the Lapland business life of network area and get the idea of the jobs offered by the area.

BRP – Bombardier Recreational Products | Vehicle manufacturer

MetsäFibre | Wood and timber production

Agnico Eagle Finland | Gold mining

Boliden | Ore mining and refining

Kemijoki Oy | Energy production and hydro power

Levi Ski Resort | Ski resort

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Here you will find more country-specific information on safety, cultural specifies, occupational safety, educational system etc.

Lapland Education Center REDU

Finnish Vocational Education and Training VET – Video (Ministery of Education and Culture)

Santasport I Laplands Sport Institute

Visit Finland/Lapland

Culture of Finland

Finnish VET in Nutshell

Ministry of Education and Culture – VET

LAPLAND – Above ordinary

Finnish Lapland

City of Rovaniemi

Sodankylä I Sodankylä Municipality – Mountain Lapland

Kittilä I Kittilä Municipality – Mountain Lapland

Kolari I Kolari Municipality – Mountain Lapland

Ranua I Ranua Municipality

These materials are for Finnish students.